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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Sweet, luscious, Belgian chocolate combined with salty, crunchy potato chips makes this unique treat surprisingly addictive. No way will you be able to eat just one!

$ 16.99/lb.

Assorted Truffles
Looking for an elegant, decadent gift? Even if it's for yourself, this assortment of delicious truffles is the ultimate treat!

$ 16.99/doz

Chocolate Fudge
Rich,creamy, and smooth, our fudge is made by hand here in our store with REAL cream and butter!! It's hard to go wrong with good ol' fashioned chocolate fudge!

$ 12.99/lb

Sugar Free Caramels
Old fashioned caramel goodness meets today's sugar free choices. Enjoy!

$ 7.99/doz

Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut butter and chocolate are always a winning combination. This combination just happens to also be sugar free!

$ 6.99/ doz

Bourbon Pecan Pie Fudge
Rich, creamy fudge, gooey caramel, crunchy pecans....what could make it any better? Oh, yeah. Add some of Kentucky's own premium bourbon, that's what!!

$ 12.99/lb

Bourbon Balls
A creamy center infused with one of Kentucky's finest bourbons,hand-dipped in rich, Belgian chocolate and then finally we top it with a crunchy, pecan half. Adult candy at its best!

$ 9.99/doz

Pecan Rolls
Fluffy nougat rolled in chopped pecans. A jewel of a combination!

$ 8.99/ 2 rolls

Rocky Road Chocolate Squares
These squares of awesome are handmade in our store using rich, creamy Belgian chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, and walnuts....Oh My!

$ 4.50 for 2

Chocolate Covered Banana Chips
Banana chips hand-dipped in velvety, dark Belgian chocolate...this treat is a snack food superstar!

$ 16.99/lb.


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